Precision medicine against black skin cancer


NeraCare develops and markets molecular diagnostic tests (genetic tests) for patients with black skin cancer (melanoma). The tests provide disease-specific information for each individual patient and are used to make individualized treatment decisions, i.e. whether further therapy is absolutely necessary after surgical removal of the melanoma or whether the survival prognosis of a patient, although already in advanced stage III with lymph node involvement, is nevertheless so favorable that drug therapy and the associated severe side effects can be dispensed with for the time being. Such an approach is called precision medicine and helps each patient to receive treatment tailored to his or her individual risk.


An important milestone was the start of the NivoMela study in May 2020, in which 20 of the most important German skin cancer centers are participating. NivoMela is a phase III study in which all patients with advanced melanoma without lymph node involvement (stage II) will be tested with our test MelaGenix, but only those patients with high genetic risk and worsened survival prognosis will be randomized to a random allocation of immunotherapy (nivolumab, Opdivo(r) Bristol Myers Squibb). Another important milestone was the acquisition of Synvie GmbH, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of NeraCare working on the commercialization of another test, Immunoprint, for patients with very small early stage I and II melanomas


“Genetic analysis has opened up a new dimension in the treatment of skin cancer. The inclusion of genetic information means that patients can be treated more precisely. This means that in the future, treatment decisions will be made based on individual risk. Currently, this is already being implemented in the NivoMela study, and the next step will be to establish our tests in standard care.” Matthias Ackermann, Co-Founder and CEO


Neracare on the cooperation with MIG

“Matthias Kromayer brings his vast experience in VC financing and strategic alignment of start-ups in oncology. Thus, he also initiated the first acquisition of NeraCare during our discussions in order to cover a broader spectrum of melanoma patients and pharmaceutical companies with our product portfolio.” Matthias Ackermann, Co-Founder and CEO

MIG invests in Neracare 2020
NivoMela study 2020
Acquisition of Synvie GmbH 2020
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