"Creating value – for MIG investors and humanity alike."

Dr. Matthias Kromayer

Managing Partner

Matthias leads MIG’s investment efforts in the life sciences sector. As a trained molecular biologist and former management consultant turned investor, he has a unique skill set that allows him to not only identify the most promising technological developments among the life sciences, but also to outline the roadmap to the market. Matthias was instrumental in the most successful life science transactions at MIG.


“I love to work with entrepreneurs who consider their journey starting from the end thinking backward and who look for the best possible solutions in a technology-agnostic way.”


Matthias has been part of MIG since 2010. Previously, he founded the SME management consultancy tavia consulting.


Matthias holds a PhD in molecular biology. He studied at Munich University and at King’s College London, UK.


In his free time, he enjoys challenges, for example riding his mountain bike on sharp trails.

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