Development of revolutionary quantum computer architecture

IQM, with its headquarters in Espoo, Finland, as well as Munich, Germany, is a European leader in the manufacture of superconducting quantum computers. IQM equips research facilities and supercomputer data centers with quantum computers that are built on-site and fully accessible hardware. Industry customers benefit from IQM’s application-specific co-design approach to quantum superiority. IQM recently prevailed in the public tender to build Finland’s first quantum computer in collaboration with VTT.


“In the future, Quantum Computers can solve problems which are impossible for us to solve right now. There are several use cases for quantum computers, from Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Transport, Security, Healthcare, and others. We are proud to be building this future and to lead this disruption”  Dr. Kuan Tan, CTO and Co-founder of IQM




The team’s pioneering work began with breakthroughs in qubit reset, readout and thermal management for large quantum processors. Since then, unique hardware advantages and new concepts around digital-analog quantum computing have been developed.


“We are on a mission to build world-leading quantum computers for the wellbeing of humankind and the fastest way to make quantum computing, a commercial reality is through collaborations. At IQM, we relentlessly push the limits of quantum physics and with our ecosystem partners, we Co-Design and produce Quantum Computers to solve real-world problems.”  Dr. Jan Goetz, CEO and Co-founder of IQM


IQM has the largest and leading team of hardware experts in quantum computing in Europe with over 640 scientific publications cited over 27,000.

A spin-off of Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Center in Finland, IQM’s core technology builds on decades of research at the world-renowned Quantum Computing and Devices (QCD) laboratory. This know-how is combined with the experience of world-renowned quantum computing experts from Bilbao, Munich, Zurich, Delft and several other locations around the world.


IQM on the collaboration with MIG:


“We first met MIG team when we were looking for a partner to share our bold mission. We also share a common vision on disruption, technology innovation and the purpose to leave behind a better place. Their deep-tech expertise, international network and the experience in building successful start.” Dr. Jan Goetz, CEO and Co-founder of IQM



Gründerteam iQM: Dr. Jan Goetz, CEO, Prof. Mikko Mittönen, Chief Scientist, Dr. Kuan Yen Tan, CTO, Dr. Juha Vartiainen, COO ©IQM
Foundation 2018
Seed Invest 2019
Series A Invest 2020
Construction of first quantum computer at VTT begins 2021
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