Worth knowing


Gender disclaimer

For reasons of better readability in German, the language forms male, female and diverse (m/f/d) are not used simultaneously. All references to persons apply equally to all genders.


Investment Ticket

We invest from EUR 1.0m to EUR 10.0m in early-stage tech-businesses. Our sweet spot is a series A funding round where we invest EUR 3.0m to EUR 5.0m.


Non-Profit Engagements

As an investor that wants to have an impact in the world, it is not sufficient to only support young, innovative companies. It is also our responsibility to back non-profit organizations which operate in areas that do not directly have access to venture capital funding. Therefore, we are proud to support the following non-profit orgnaizations:


Retail Funds

Unlike many other venture capital investors, we manage retail funds from which we make our investments. As such, the MIG Funds are not fed by institutional investors such as pension or insurance funds, but by private individuals. As the only German venture capital investor, we give private individuals the opportunity to invest capital in the asset class venture capital. Find our more at www.mig-fonds.de.


Venture Capital

As a venture capital investor we invest in companies that have the potential to grow rapidly and become market leaders in their specific segments and beyond.
We do not invest in any other asset class. Distressed assets, turn-arounds, public companies, real estate, infrastructure are outside of our scope.