Absorption technology for the removal of pollutants from drinking water

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The CleanTech company instrAction GmbH, based in Heidelberg, develops and markets innovative products and processes for the purification of drinking and industrial water. The removal of heavy metals and bacteria from drinking water and the removal and recycling of heavy metals from wastewater form the main field of activity. The innovative, patent-protected technologies are based on stationary resins that form non-covalent, selective, reversible bonds with heavy and precious metals and elemental oxides, and remove bacteria from water.


The technology is based on the development of chromatography stationary phases for the purification of low molecular weight active pharmaceutical ingredients and was successfully transferred to water treatment in 2018. As a result, instrAction is the only company on the market to offer a robust filter material that can remove toxic heavy metals and pathogenic bacteria from water in a single filtration step, which until now has only been achieved by multiple or more complex processes. The material invented by instrAction can therefore be used as a purification component in simple water filters, both for households and on an industrial scale.

‘Water must not only be clean, but also safe’ is a guiding principle of UNICEF when it comes to supplying the population with drinking water.

“And nothing less is our claim and the vision we pursue at instrAction. In this context, filters for households in particular are important tools for making safe water more accessible and affordable to a global population.” Juergen Hoelscher, Managing Partner


Until now, the systems that get out most of the substances that are harmful to health – which are 99% heavy metals and bacteria – have been quite complex and expensive, or even produce wastewater that is concentrated, as in the case of reverse osmosis.


“With our invention, we have the opportunity to change this and make water available as drinking water to a broad population. It’s an exciting and challenging task that we enjoy tackling every day.”


It is certainly not to stop there, the range of applications is large and is to be successively worked on and solutions created for the market such as the purification of industrial wastewater or the recycling of heavy metals from wastewater.


In August 2020, instrAction moved into new premises for pilot production, quality control and application laboratories at the Business Development Center in Heidelberg as part of its product and commercialization strategy. This has enabled instrAction to manufacture, characterize and test resins for customer needs at short notice.


instrAction on the cooperation with MIG Capital:


“The realization of the vision is possible thanks to the long-standing commitment of MIG Capital. As we share the same goals, the cooperation is characterized by vision, responsibility and fairness. The support is not only financial, but MIG’s experts are always on hand to help us with their expertise and experience, especially when it comes to difficult and challenging issues. The trust placed in us is enormously important for focused and targeted work in order to be successful together in the end.”  Florian Rohde, Managing Partner

InstrAction is founded 1997
MIG invests in InstrAction 2008
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