Improving the lives of cancer patients with T cells


The biotech company Immatics, based in Tübingen, Munich and Houston, Texas (USA), combines the discovery of true targets for cancer immunotherapies with the development of the right T cell receptors with the goal of enabling a robust and specific T cell response against these targets. This deep know-how is the foundation for Immatics’ pipeline of Adoptive Cell Therapies and TCR Bispecifics as well as its partnerships with global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is committed to delivering the power of T cells and to unlocking new avenues for patients in their fight against cancer.


In recent years, the company has entered into strategic collaborations with major pharmaceutical companies Amgen, Genmab, Bristol Myers Squibb or even Glaxosmithkline.  In July 2020, the company went public with an IPO. Since July 2, 2020, the shares can be traded on the New York Nasdaq as well as on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange.


Immatics is founded 2000
MIG invests in Immatics 2010
Listing at NASDAQ via SPAC 2020
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