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MIG Capital strengthens its investment team with four new professionals

MIG Capital strengthens its investment team with four new professionals


  • New team members complement and expand MIG’s expertise and strengthen its convergent investment strategy by bringing new perspectives to the identification and support of start-up companies


Munich, 17 May 2023

MIG Capital AG, one of Germany’s leading venture capital firms, has strengthened its investment team with the addition of four new members. The firm sees the convergence of deep tech and life sciences at the center of enormous new opportunity for start-up companies. These new colleagues bring the diversity of perspective, interdisciplinary skills and international experience necessary to the successful implementation of a convergent investment strategy:


  • Fei Tian, Principal at MIG Capital. Dr. Tian studied medicine at Tongji University in Shanghai, China, where she received an MD and later at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, where she received a PhD in cancer research. She has over 12 years of professional experience as a physician and in VC investment management. She joined MIG Capital’s Life Science team in April 2023.
  • Frederick Michna, Principal at MIG Capital. Growing up in Germany and France, the business economist studied at leading universities, including ESB Reutlingen and the prestigious HEC Paris. Mr. Michna has more than three years of experience working in venture capital and spent about seven years at the American global management consulting firm, Kearney. He has been part of the Deep Tech team since June 2022.
  • Andreas Kastenbauer, Partner at MIG Capital. Also a business economist, Mr. Kastenbauer studied at Syracuse University in the U.S. and earned an MBA at Italy’s top private university, Bocconi in Milan. Mr. Kastenbauer has a 25-year track record as a founder, managing director and consultant for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. He has been working with the Life Science team since 2022.
  • Oliver Kahl, Principal at MIG Capital. Dr. Kahl joined MIG Capital’s Deep Tech investment team at the end of 2019. He holds a PhD in physics from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and studied in the UK and the U.S., among other countries. Before joining MIG, Dr. Kahl spent five years at other VC firms, eight years in research, and in his family’s business.


With these new colleagues, MIG Capital has grown to include 11 team members.


Michael Motschmann, Founder and Managing Partner of MIG Capital, explains: “With this significant expansion of our team, we are taking into account new technological and strategic challenges involved in identifying new investment opportunities and supporting our current portfolio of 32 companies through successful exit. These talented new colleagues will also broaden the generational mix at our firm allowing us to better evaluate young, disruptive business models from a wider range of perspectives.”


A diversity of perspectives is key to realizing this growth and MIG’s team is well-positioned to lend support with the following characteristics:

  • Diverse Education. The members of MIG Capital’s investment team have earned advanced degrees and PhDs from leading universities in Europe, the US, Japan and China in a variety of disciplines, including molecular biology, medicine, physics, mechanical engineering, business administration, history, electrical engineering and law.
  • International Experience. Apart from the two international team members, Dr. Fei Tian and Dr. Sören Hein, the majority of MIG partners and principals have temporarily worked and lived abroad, thereby gaining international experience.
  • Business Acumen. Team members have worked in a wide variety of corporate settings, from multinational corporations, start-ups and family businesses to banks, consulting and VC firms – often with entrepreneurial responsibility.


Michael Motschmann points out: “We are convinced that our team’s unique combination of experience and capability provides us with the diversity of perspectives critical to success in the German VC market. This outlook allows us to validate technologies, business models and founders from multiple points-of-view and come to the right investment decisions through our convergent approach.”


About MIG Capital

MIG Capital is one of the leading German VC investors. MIG invests in young deep tech and life sciences companies in German-speaking Europe and beyond through the MIG funds. The company has so far invested over €680 million in about 50 companies. MIG’s portfolio companies develop innovations in areas such as biopharmaceuticals, energy and environmental technologies, advanced computing, digitization / IoT, medical technology and digital health. The MIG investment portfolio currently consists of 32 companies.


MIG’s investment team consists of a committed group of experts of engineers, biologists, scientists and investors who use analytical and creative processes to evaluate the risks and opportunities of business models and technologies. Their reputation, experience and network provide excellent access to companies, institutions and decision-makers to support the growth of their portfolio companies.


In recent years, MIG Capital realized more than ten successful sales, including more recently the portfolio companies Siltectra (to Infineon, 2018) and Hemovent (to MicroPort, 2021) and led BRAIN (in 2016), NFON (in 2018), BioNTech (in 2019) and Immatics (in 2020) to listings on stock exchanges.


For further information, please visit:


Websites: www.mig.ag, www.mig-fonds.de

LinkedIn: MIG Capital, Dr. Fei Tian, Andreas Kastenbauer, Dr. Oliver Kahl, Frederick Michna Twitter: @MIG__AG



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