We design and develop complex microbiome-based therapeutics to change the treatment paradigm of severe and chronic diseases.

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mbiomics GmbH, founded in 2020 by Laura Figulla, Markus Rinecker, and Johannes Wöhrstein is based in Munich, Germany, and is a privately held biotech company. Mbiomics focuses on developing effective live bacterial therapeutics (LBT) for multiple indications, such as immune-oncology, or inflammatory bowel diseases. The company is leveraging its tailored and proprietary microbiome analytics platform to overcome current bottlenecks in LBT development – by generating precision profiling data, mbiomics will be able to accelerate the development of effective bacterial therapeutics, improve patient stratification, and patient monitoring for clinical trials.


Statement by Dr Laura Figulla (CEO) on the cooperation with MIG:

„We are thrilled to have the support of such a strong and experienced investor such as MIG AG.
Their financial commitment and expertise in developing game changing life sciences platforms will enable us to build our end-to-end microbiome therapeutics platform, accelerate the identification of our first lead drug candidates, and speed up the research efforts towards clinical validation.”



Statement Dr. Johannes B. Woehrstein (CTO):

“As thoroughbred biotech innovators, we love to bring breakthrough tools and technologies together to create high-performance products.
At mbiomics, we leverage our proprietary analytical technology to overcome several critical limitations in bringing novel microbiome therapies to the market.
It’s super exciting to see how technology convergence transforms how we build therapeutics.”



Statement Dr. Markus Rinecker (CMO):

„With first FDA approvals seen in the US for products based on the human gut microbiome, we are in midst the emergence of an exciting new area of medicines.
It’s great that MIG AG took the lead in our series A to support our mission to become a key player in this field.”




Statement Dr. Chris Weidenmaier (CSO):

„ Mbiomics’ therapeutic product concept is highly differentiated from competitors and driven by learnings from the field.
We base our product concept on the clinical successes of fecal microbiome transplants and combine it with indication-specific, MoA-driven, targeted consortia development strategies which will deliver high patient value, but also decrease translational risk.”


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