Unused biomass as a raw material for the energy and chemical industries

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The LXP Group GmbH is a VC-funded startup, active in the field of white biotechnology operating out of the capital region Berlin-Brandenburg and Bavaria (Straubing). The purpose of LXP is the development, marketing and licensing of technical solutions for the utilization of biomass residues.


Every year, 7 billion tons of previously unused lignified biomass are produced worldwide. With the multi-patented LXP technology, energy can be generated efficiently, economically and sustainably for the first time, and cellulose and high-purity lignin can be obtained – starting materials for very valuable, sometimes disruptive products such as biomethane, novel fuels or biobased chemicals. The residue-free process helps to achieve urgent climate protection goals and permanently improve the food situation internationally.


For industrial verification of the highly scalable, low-risk and internationally unrivaled process, a demonstration plant with a dry matter capacity of 500 t/a (replacing 1,500 t of corn silage) went into operation in Bavaria in early 2020. It demonstrated serious advantages of the technology for initially thousands of existing biogas plants across Europe with capacities from 1.5 to 10 MW, all of which can be combined with an LXP pre-processing plant.



“Over some 10 years, LXP technology has been developed and continuously optimized. Now we are preparing the decisive step for commercialization and industrial implementation – the construction of the first two plants with a capacity of 20,000 t/a. by the end of 2022.” Zino Soyka, CSO


Particularly attractive for German users and investors: LXP enables economically advantageous continued operation of plants whose EEG subsidies are about to expire. A subsequent development step is a scale-up to a plant size of 200,000 to 350,000 t/a.


LXP Group on the cooperation with MIG Capital:


“In many years of management experience in large companies in the chemical industry, among others, I have come to appreciate partners who combine competence and performance with reliability. MIG is such a reliable partner; the cooperation is close and based on trust.” Dr-. Volker Bauer, CEO and Business Angel

MIG invests in LXP Group 2012
Commissioning of the first demonstration plant 2020
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