Neuromorphic chip architecture for artificial intelligence


Innatera is a trailblazing developer of ultra-low power intelligence for sensors. Incorporated in 2018 as a spin-off from the Delft University of Technology, it develops a line of neuromorphic processors that mimic the mechanisms the brain uses for sensory perception. Using a radically different analog-mixed signal processing architecture, Innatera’s chips allow sensor data to be processed 100 times faster and with up to 500 times lesser energy than with conventional processors.


“Innatera’s mission is to simplify embedded intelligence, allowing billions of sensor-based devices to quickly and efficiently make sense of data they gather. We are leading an exciting path to the market, with a fundamentally new product that will unlock game-changing applications in electronic devices.” Sumeet Kumar, CEO


The company has 30 employees located across its offices in Delft, The Netherlands, and Bengaluru, India. MIG Capital invested in Innatera’s seed round, together with btov Partners, in October 2020.


Innatera on the collaboration with MIG:


MIG is visionary in its approach to technology investment, combining deep industry foresight with a pragmatic understanding of execution. We are excited to be able to leverage MIG’s strategic expertise and network as we build Innatera and its revolutionary processor technology.” Uma Mahesh, COO

Innatera is founded 2018
MIG invests in Innatera 2020
Appointment of Cadence and Synopsis co-founder Prof. Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincenteli as chairman of the board 2021
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