Highly efficient and sustainable refrigeration technology with water as refrigerant

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Efficient Energy GmbH is an innovative manufacturer and system supplier of environmentally friendly refrigeration technology, based in Feldkirchen near Munich.


The company is driving a change in the refrigeration industry towards natural refrigerants with its Bluezero® technology, which uses water as a refrigerant (R718). The Bluezero® technology is used in the eChiller model range.


“The refrigeration industry contributes significantly to the climate crisis with environmentally harmful and inefficient technologies. The rise in temperature resulting from climate change is increasing the demand for refrigeration technology. Absurdly, the refrigeration industry is thus rewarded for using its harmful technologies. It is precisely this vicious circle that needs to be broken.” Georg Dietrich, CEO Efficient Energy


The eChillers are the only chillers in the world that are ready for series production and use the natural refrigerant water while at the same time being highly energy efficient. These CleanCooling units from Efficient Energy thus completely dispense with fluorinated refrigerants and do not produce any direct CO2 emissions. Therefore, the chillers remain unaffected by the stricter F-Gas regulation and the increasing refrigerant-related safety requirements.


“With its Bluezero® technology, which makes water usable as a refrigerant, the Efficient Energy offers high cooling capacity with 0 % direct CO2 emissions, maximum energy efficiency and a permanently legally compliant solution for cooling industrial processes, server rooms and buildings” Dr. Daniel Porzig, Head of Development Efficient Energy.


Depending on the model, the eChillers deliver a cooling capacity of 20 to 120 kW and are modularly scalable to >500 kW.  The chillers are ideal for cooling industrial processes, server rooms and buildings. Already used as standard in the eChiller since 2017, Bluezero® is now also available for integration in OEM solutions.


Efficient Energy GmbH helps its customers to master the increasing regulatory challenges of refrigeration technology and offers long-term and sustainably usable solutions with the eChiller model series. Thanks to significant cost efficiency and an improved CO2 balance at the same time, companies benefit several times over.


“Industries that are important for Germany as a business location are dependent on air-conditioning and refrigeration processes. These are only legally compliant and future-proof if they switch to natural refrigerants in good time. Efficient Energy offers operators an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative with its series-produced eChiller chillers using the natural refrigerant water.” Thomas Bartmann, Sales Director Efficient Energy


The forward-looking technology also convinces politicians and the media. The company has received several awards for the eChiller. Among others, with the European Business Award for the Environment 2018/2019 of the European Commission and the Red Herring Top 100 Europe 2020.


Efficient Energy on the cooperation with MIG Capital:


“We are pleased to have been able to rely on MIG AG as an investor and sparring partner for years. Thanks to MIG’s support, we are able to get one step closer to our vision of a future with exclusively climate-neutral refrigeration systems and heat pumps every day. Efficient Energy holds the patents for one of four technologies that will dominate the HVAC&R market in the future and our market potential is far from exhausted.” Georg Dietrich, CEO Efficient Energy

MIG invests 2008
Product launch eChiller120 2020
Series launch eChiller120 2021
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