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The biotech company biocrates life sciences, based in Innsbruck, Austria, creates the conditions for evidence-based metabolic analysis with standardised technology. The analysis of metabolic products (metabolomics) in addition to genetic and other conventional parameters enables scientists to detect changes in metabolism at an early stage and to draw conclusions about future developments that can be influenced.


“There are no secrets from our metabolism. Its products tell our biological life story: from genetics to short-term and long-term influences from the environment and lifestyle. Currently, the highly sensitive measurement of metabolic products to detect pathological conditions is not yet widespread. With biocrates’ kit technology, we are creating the basis for a wide dissemination of the technique in the knowledge that it can fundamentally change our understanding of health. “Dr. Matthias Scheffler, CBO


Metabolomic analyses with biocrates’ technology are mainly used in medicine, nutrition, lifestyle and drug development: what we eat, which drugs we take, how we live – metabolomics contributes to the assessment of disease progression and possible drug use and increasingly in the lifestyle sector to sustainable behaviour and health optimisation.


Through the standardised analysis and quantified determination of hundreds of different metabolites in the blood, metabolic profiling can provide deep insights into the general health of a person as well as groups of people. biocrates focuses on easy-to-use, standardised and scalable kit products for mass spectrometry-based metabolomics. These make the measurement of metabolites accessible and comparable worldwide.


biocrates on the collaboration with MIG:

“MIG Capital AG has enabled biocrates to become synonymous with scientifically sound metabolic analysis. The regular exchange with the experienced team challenges us and provides us with additional perspectives. Together, we are working with foresight to create the foundations for a new and sustainable medical approach with metabolomics.” Moritz Seuster, CEO


MIG invests in Biocrates 2006
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