The Perfected Hearing

Mimi Hearing

Founded in 2014 in Berlin, Mimi Hearing Technologies is a world-leading provider of digital healthcare hearing tests and hearing-ability-based sound personalization. Born out of years of scientific research, Mimi aims to give listeners the best possible audio experience driven by a commitment to hearing health across any device tailored to the individual listener. Mimi wants to create a world where hearing is no longer a barrier to interaction and enjoyment.


“Mimi Hearing Technologies’ mission is to make people’s hearing health the main focus of their listening experience. This is a huge market — we estimate more than 92 million assistive hearables will ship in 2024 and anticipate smart hearable technology will be adopted by the majority of TWS earbuds and headsets, further opening up the market for sound personalization software. This market is going to grow very, very quickly, and is ripe for change.” Philipp Skribanowitz, Co-founder and CEO.


Mimi Hearing about the collaboration with MIG Capital:

“MIG’s investment in Mimi is another testament to not only to the depth and breadth of the German venture capital climate, but also to the importance and tremendous commercial potential of Mimi’s vision. MIG, with their unique combination of expertise in the life science and the deep tech industry, makes them the ideal partner for Mimi and the future of our business,” Philipp Skribanowitz, Co-founder and CEO

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