HawkCell, a leader in healthtech innovation, is revolutionizing veterinary care and preclinical research with its groundbreaking magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology. At the core of HawkCell’s product line is a proprietary, patented system integrating advanced hardware and software solutions, delivering rapid, accurate, and quantitative analyses for veterinarians and for the in vivo assessment of drug candidates and medical devices. HawkCell’s expertise spans an extensive range of fields including neurology, cardiology, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal disorders, inflammation, oncology, metabolic diseases, and biocompatibility evaluations.


Committed to excellence, HawkCell provides meticulous in vivo image acquisition, sophisticated post-processing, and precise image quantification, adhering to the stringent quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry and the ethical guiding principles for research and testing involving animals.



“We are thrilled to have the support of MIG Capital, a highly experienced venture fund led by entrepreneurs with a legacy of funding deep tech and life sciences breakthroughs, which shares our mission to narrow the gap between human and veterinary medicine,” said Alexis Girin, CEO of HawkCell.


Andreas Kastenbauer, Partner at MIG Capital, said: “The animal health space offers great investment opportunities while helping pets and pet owners achieve a better quality of life. Veterinary clinics increasingly demand innovative solutions to offer the same quality of treatment and services available to humans. With its one-of-a-kind imaging solutions for veterinarians and pre-clinical research, HawkCell will change how we understand and care for animals. We have been impressed by the highly talented and dedicated team with admirable ambitions to transform the future of animal imaging. We are excited to support HawkCell in this new growth phase.”


HawkCell on the cooperation with MIG Capital:

“Our system has been vetted and approved by experts in AI, neurology, and radiology, and promises to transform veterinary research and care to offer a window into animals’ health with unparalleled clarity.” – Alexis Girin, CEO of HawkCell.


Hugo Dorez, PhD, Founder and CSO of HawkCell Alexis Girin, CEO of HawkCell (from left to right) ©HawkCell

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