AirID wireless strong authentication and encryption products

With its wireless Bluetooth smartcard readers and FIDO Authenticator, AirID is one of the leading IT security providers for secure mobile communication technologies. The AirID product line developed by the long-standing member of the German IT Security Industry Association bears the “IT Security Made in Germany” seal of quality.


“Internationally leading companies, research institutions, ministries, the German parliament and government security agencies secure their mobile communication via patented certgate technologies and products.” Alexander Eichner, Managing Director



The solutions of certgate, based in Düsseldorf and Hanover, are distributed worldwide via partners. Due to the wireless connection to common end devices, the AirID product family offers high user acceptance and user friendliness and supports all common operating systems on multiple end devices as well as all possible use cases such as Windows LogOn, e-mail encryption, Follow Me Printing, and others.  In addition, the integrated remote logout significantly increases the security level and errors caused by the human factor (no plugging, no pulling, no forgetting) are significantly minimised. certgate’s AirIDs are innovative, future-proof and expandable through simple software updates.


Today, AirID products already sustainably protect thousands of users worldwide and their mobile communication and data on a daily basis.


AirID on the cooperation with MIG Capital:


“Technical expertise, entrepreneurial experience and the necessary drive of the MIG team helped us to make the right decisions for the growth of certgate and the AirID technology at an early stage and with a forward-looking view,” says Alexander Eichner.


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