Legal Information

Investor complaints (information provided in accordance with § 4 section 3 of the KAVerOV [German Act for the Conduct and Organisation of Capital Investments])
We have charged MIG Service GmbH, with its registered office in Landshut, to take care of any investor complaints. Possible complaints from investors of public investment funds managed by ourselves (MIG Fonds 2,4,6,8,10,12,13 et seqq.) should be sent to MIG Service GmbH at the following address, either in writing or text form:

MIG Service GmbH
Niederlassung Landshut
Stethaimerstr. 32-34
D-84034 Landshut
Fax: +49 871 205406-99

MIG Service GmbH deals with incoming investor complaints, issuing a prompt response on behalf of MIG Verwaltungs AG.
Information as per § 301 of the KAGB (German Capital Investment Civil Code)

1. Liability of depositaries
MIG Verwaltungs AG has charged Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers KGaA (German joint-stock company), with their registered office at 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Kaiserstraße 24, Germany, with the task of being a depositary in line with the KAGB by order and for account of MIG GmbH (German private limited company) & Co. Fonds 2 KG (German limited partnership), MIG GmbH & Co. Fonds 4 KG, MIG GmbH & Co. Fonds 6 KG, MIG GmbH & Co. Fonds 8 KG, MIG GmbH & Co. Fonds 10 KG, MIG GmbH & Co. Fonds 12 geschlossene Investment-KG, MIG GmbH & Co. Fonds 13 geschlossene Investment-KG,MIG GmbH & Co. Fonds 14 geschlossene Investment-KG and MIG GmbH & Co. Fonds 15 geschlossene Investment-KG and MIG GmbH & Co. Fonds 16 geschlossene Investment-KG.



2. Current versions of essential investor information
MIG Fonds 16 - Download essential investor information


Legal Information
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