MIG – Our strategy

We are looking for ground-breaking ideas and inspiring entrepreneurs. We are particularly interested in investing in companies which have the potential to change the market in their sector.


We believe it is important to have an entrepreneurial mind-set which can pave the way to success when combined with passion and expertise. Not only do we get involved with businesses when they’re taking their first steps, but also when they’re looking to expand; as such, we mainly set our sights on building long-lasting relationships.


Before investing, we review all the factors crucial for achieving success, most notably:


convincing product ideas based on technology which preferably is patented or able to be patented
- a reasoned and reliable business model
- a logical concept and implementation strategy 
- a team who are able to perform to the best of their abilities and who know their strengths and weaknesses
-        a unique competitive edge as well as a thorough understanding of the current competition
- a clear vision of the sales and marketing strategies required
- a feasible financial model
- an idea of the capital required and how funds will be allocated.

If the potential investee fulfils these requirements, MIG Fonds will invest money into the equity capital of the future portfolio company.